Awaken Your Inner Da Vinci With 7 Adult Colouring Books And Be Reliving Your Childhood Days


Some of us may be working 9-5 desk jobs, but somewhere deep inside the artist inside of you is screaming to come out. Give that artist a little window to shine with these 7 soothing adult colouring books.

If you feel like painting and colouring is your ikigai but don’t always have the time to indulge in a colouring session, well the universe has just granted you with a heck of a lotta time, so make the best of it and awaken your creative self once again.

Your inner da Vinci rn…

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7. This Mandalas for Meditation Adult Colouring Book is not just an artist’s delight but also provides hours of relaxation and helps you find a sense of balance

That’s the power of these mandalas guys. For centuries, mandalas have symbolized wholeness and interconnectivity, as well as help you relax, find balance, and experience more deeply the world around you.

Promising review:

“Beautiful original art by a true artist, this colouring book is truly amazing, I love it. People should stock up on these to have that perfect gift handy, where else can you get a gift at this price? Enjoy by colouring, a much relaxing thing to do, then if you wish, you can frame your finished page. I use Faber-Castell Brush Pens as suggested by the artist, they do not bleed through as some colouring pens do.”

Buy the paperback version from Amazon for AED 59.26.

6. Because stress-relieving patterns are much-needed rn…

Promising review:

“True stress reliever. The book is full of fun geometric shapes, flowers, straight lines, patterns, and more!! It is such a great mindless colouring book that calms the mind. The best part is the fun greeting cards in the back that can be coloured and mailed off (e.g., “I donut what I would do without you” with donuts on the front)”

Buy the paperback version from Amazon for AED 61.

5. Something so alluring and hypnotising about this Infinite Reflections Adult Coloring Book‘s beautifully symmetric patterns… don’t you think?!

Buy the paperback version from Amazon for AED 86.75.

4. Nothing is art if it does not come from nature: Share the beauty of Marjolein Bastin’s nature-inspired art by colouring images based on her artwork…

Promising review:

“This is a beautiful book of designs based on artwork by Marjolein Bastin. The book is published by Posh (who also publish the Thomas Kinkade colouring books) and this one follows the same format as the Kinkade, that is, a line drawing to the right and a matte colour photo of the design to the left. The size of the book is the same (smaller than most colouring books) as is the texture of the paper. What is different is that the line drawings are in a variety of colours from yellow to green to blue to purple and more. Each design is done in a single colour. The linework is delicately done and somewhat difficult to see and the coloured lines do not seem to show through when I am colouring in the book.”

Buy the paperback version from Amazon for AED 59.31.

3. Disney Dreams Coloring Book: Enter the world of Disney and colour in your own renditions of these paintings inspired by classic Disney movies, including The Jungle Book, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and many more…

Promising review:

“I love Thomas Kinkade! I have his other colouring book that is much more difficult to colour in. I love Disney characters and I love this colouring book so much. It is a tad easier to colour in than his others and the lines/sketch are more on point in this one. His books have def improved if you compare to his others, hopefully, the artist continues creating similar sketches.”

Buy the paperback version from Amazon for AED 59.95.

2. With the Posh Adult Coloring Book, you can colour in luminous lighthouses and frothy seascapes to candlelit villages and welcoming front porches in a soothing atmosphere of beauty and inspiration…

Promising review:

“When I saw that Posh was coming out with a colouring book based on Mr. Kinkade’s artwork, I pre-ordered it sight unseen. Sometimes that is a big risk but in this case, I am very pleased with the colouring book. The designs themselves are well done but do lack some of the smaller details. I plan to use a variety of markers and pencils and be able to add my own details with those.”

Buy the paperback version from Amazon for AED 57.70.

1. This 100 Greatest Mandalas Coloring Book is the definition of art therapy! Colour in the soothing mandalas and find your ikigai whilst doing so

Buy the paperback version from Amazon for AED 80.46.

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