NCM Suggests That Cloud Seeding May Result In Some Unseasonable Rainfall Across The UAE


NCM Suggests That Cloud Seeding May Result In Some Unseasoned Rainfall Across The UAE

UAE peeps, make way for some unpredictable weather conditions over the course of this week.

From rainfall and thunderstorms to dust and sandstorms, the UAE will be seeing weather conditions of various kinds in the coming days. According to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), regions across the emirate will be experiencing cloudy weather with high chances of rainfall, lightning and thunderstorms.

It is predicted to get quite sandy and dusty is some regions as wind speeds are predicted to top 25 to 35, reaching 50 km per hour.

The max temp in the UAE is expected to reach between 39 and 43 °C, with the lowest between 25 and 29 °C, on Saturday, May 2

Jais Mountains saw a temperature drop to a pleasant 18.4 °C on Saturday morning at 05:45 AM

Rainfall of different intensities has been persisting throughout the UAE since mid-day on Friday, May 1

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