The Quaran-tivity Award Goes To Danny Aridi For Making An Entire Song Based Solely On Netflix TITLES!!


The Quaran-tivity Award Goes To Danny Aridi For Making An Entire Song Based Solely On Netflix TITLES!!

If there was a quarantine creativity award, it would most DEFFO be awarded to none other than Dubai’s very own, Danny Aridi, for his supremely creative new song that’s made up entirely of popular NETFLIX TITLES… we mean creativity level 100,000,000!

The vocally gifted Lebanese-Canadian singer puts in his earnest passion into all that he does, thus why his tracks – completely immersed in the magic of his raspy voice – come out giving you MAJOR feels!

Listen up, because this acoustic delight is sure to leave you in awe of the singer’s effortless musical abilities.

Would you have even guessed that this melodious track is comprised of ONLY popular Netflix titles if you weren’t told otherwise?! …We think NOT!

Danny Aridi captioned his IG post reading:

“I made a song using Netflix titles‼️ The full video is on my channel. Press the link in my bio and leave a comment on there with what I should do next!”


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A post shared by DANNY ARIDI (@dannyaridi) on May 15, 2020 at 3:04am PDT

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