Strict Social Distancing In Place At The Reopened Dubai Fountain


One of Dubai’s most iconic attractions is back in action.

On Saturday, Dubai Media Office reported The Dubai Fountain is resuming its outdoor musical shows, with precautionary measures in place to ensure visitor safety.

Videos of people enjoying Dubai Fountain for the first time since reopening are being shared and it’s a stark contrast to the usually crowd-filled space

Main mages and vid via @Fozaza


Dubai Fountain halted operations after entertainment destinations across the city shut down as the city worked to curb the spread of COVID-19. Now the city is adjusting to ‘the new normal’. Venues are reopening under strict guidelines, allowing visitors to once again enjoy attractions while following the correct guidelines.

Jameel Arts Centre, Dubai Frame, Dubai malls and entertainment venues have all reopened to the public

Planning to visit? Check out the venue on social media before visiting, or ring ahead. Each location has specific instructions and guidelines in place and some have advanced booking measures that must be adhered to.

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READ: COVID-19 Guidelines Should Be Taken Seriously Or Else You Could Face Fines Up To AED 50k

Disregarding the COVID-19 precautionary measures put in place by the UAE authorities could land you with fines ranging from AED 3,000 to AED 50,000 and some serious legal trouble.

So far expats of various nationalities have been reprimanded on the spot with fines up to AED 50,000 for violating curfew timings, not adhering to quarantine instructions, not maintaining a social distance of 1.5-2 metres and failing to have on a face mask when out in public.

Also please bear in mind; you could face a fine of AED3,000 if you fail to keep a 1.5-2-metre distance between individuals and a 4-metre distance between groups.

The Public Prosecution has reminded all UAE residents to adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines put in place as government authorities continue their efforts to flatten the coronavirus curve

If you’ve run out of disposable masks or are looking for quality reusable masks to avoid being fined AED 3,000, then check these out:

1. A pack of 50 three-layer disposable medical face masks for AED 37.96.

2. Advance reusable face mask, suitable for when you go running or cycling for AED 122.00.

3. Pack of 8 adjustable and slightly more affordable reusable face masks with breathing filters and earloops, for AED 59.00

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