Get Smart Flat Screen TVs For As Little As AED299 During The Upcoming 11:11 Sale 


UNREAL! I’ve only ever seen second-hand flatscreen smart TVs selling below AED500, and you lucky bumbles are getting fresh & origg television sets for as little as AED299 in the upcoming 11:11 sale.

The 11:11 sale will be taking place on both noon and Amazon from Tuesday, October 10 to Thursday, October 12. 

5. Save a generous AED200 with this 32-Inch HD TV WU32HDAT11-NC in black

Plus this product is eligible for a free return! So if you don’t like the TV, just send it on its way back. 

4. This one is 40 Inches of pure joy friends.

Add this to your cart hereeee.

3. A wise person once said, when you get your hands on a Samsung onna deal.. you never let go! And that wise person may or may not be me but hey, the fact remains.

Bag the 32-Inch Samsung HD Smart TV With a Built-In Receiver HEREE!

2. Who doesn’t love a good vibrant display?! And this affordable 32-Inch Smart LED tele serves up the best display & sound quality that no one will believe you bought for only AED 414.85.

Check it out heaa for more specs.

1. Save AED 224 with this 32-Inch Smart LED TV and record on a show-by-show basis, connect your lappy via the HDMI setting, access the latest Netflix shows and movies up to 4K Ultra HD res and SO MUCH MORE for only AED 375.

Grab the deal and add the smart tv to your cart here.

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