Get Yourself These 5 Amazing Cooking Appliances To Ace Veganuary


If you ever thought of trying out the vegan diet, now is your chance. Veganuary is here peeps! It’s never too late to try the vegan diet and what you need, are the cooking appliances to make it go smoothly.

Here are the 5 cooking appliances you need to ace veganuary


5. This Geepas Electric Rice Cooker is perfect for some vegan rice meals

This amazing gizmo is 46% off right now! Get it before veganuary is over.

4. Chop all your veggies on these Premium Bamboo Cutting Board

The Bamboo cutting board come in a pack of 3 and you get them for AED50 right now!

3. Fried vegan dishes are bomb so make it healthier with this Black + Decker Air Fryer

Save some calories and 46% off when you hit purchase now!

2. Get yourself this Black + Decker Blender With 3 Jars for some yummy vegan smoothies

What sounds better? Saving 56% off this blender or sipping on delicious smoothies.

1. If you’re all about the macros, you need this Digital Food Scale

Count your food intake this veganuary for the healthiest lifestyle for just AED28.90

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