7 Protein Bars That Would Make For A Great Quarantine Snack For The Health-Conscious


Who says being healthy is no fun??

Protein bars these days are much more of a treat than a nutrition bar. With its delish flavours that you can easily substitute to desserts, you’ll be forgetting that these bars also provide a good and clean protein to your muscles and a healthy dose of fibre to your diet. Plus these fortified with nutrition protein bars – will fill you up with the right amount of energy to sustain you the rest of the day without wanting to binge eat every couple of minutes.

Sitting at home with these healthy yet tasty bars during the 2-week long quarantine will DEFFO keep you from eating your kitchen out, as these 7 guilt-free protein bars are perf subs for a midnight sweet craving or a ‘home post-workout’ snaccc!

*Disclaimer: for ADULTS only.”

7. If you are one to crave a good brownie EVERY couple of hours then the Chocolate Brownie Protein Bar will have your taste buds thriving sis

Promising review:

“A low carb diet is tough, the craving for sweets and carbs is satisfied in this dense chocolate treat that is actually good for me. The price is comparable to other protein bars but again, it’s the low carb count that I’m seeking. Recommend Quest Nutrition Protein Bar in Chocolate Brownie.”

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6. This Quest Nutrition Protein Bar is a total playaa! With flavours of Chocolate and Peanut Butter mixed together, you wouldn’t know how to give up on one of these bad boys

Buy supreme flavour pack of 12 from Amazon for AED 109.

5. A classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavour and double the amount of protein… issa win-win with this!

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4. Feed the inner child within you with this Birthday Cake Flavor Nutrition Protein Bar

…There are only four left in stock, so urm I would hurry and order if I were you!

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3. Muscle Pharm’s filling and gluten-free Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars are a multi-layered chocolate peanut butter cup bar that delivers balanced nutrition and a soft yet crunchy texture with superior taste

Promising review:

“Each bar is heavy that it feels like it’s fully packed with nutrients. So far it’s good and I’m going to get more soon.”

Buy the pack of 12 bars from Amazon for AED 209.55.

2. Everyone needs some good ‘ole Oatmeal Chocolate Chips in their lives! That too one thas a high source of protein

Promising review:

“Low sugar high protein content.”

“Good flavour and relatively low carb protein bars.”

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1. Not really the best idea to be out camping and roasting marshmallows over a bonfire right now… so why not indulge in the samee taste packed inside a Quest Nutrition Protein Bar instead?!

Urm hello, solution queen right here folks!

Buy the pack of 12 bars from Amazon for AED 109.

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