‘Is Ophiuchus The New Sagittarius?’ No NASA Is NOT Changing Your Zodiac Sign


‘Is Ophiuchus The New Sagittarius?’ No NASA Is NOT Changing Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re being hit by a massive wave of déjà vu then know that you’re not alone.

This ‘zodiac signs changing’ is very much in the same boat as the ‘the world will end in X amount of days’, where both the topics somehow get recycled every year and claim that NASA has something to do/say about it.

Since Dubai peeps have been rigorously researching this topic over the last few days, we thought of setting some facts straight about the 13th zodiac sign, and whether or not this will change the time frame of each existing horoscope and put an end to this MADNESS once and for all.

Zodiac signs are a huge part of our identities, how we understand ourselves and use our horoscopes to make sense of the seemingly nonsensical, so news of zodiac signs supposedly changing may come as a huge SHOCKER to many.

For starters, ‘Ophiuchus’ is no new sign! It’s been around for ages – initially discovered by the Ancient Greeks thousands of years ago

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, (NASA) has not ‘discovered’ Ophiuchus AKA ‘the serpent-bearer’ fam, it’s been a part of the constellation for millenniums now. Nor does NASA have anything to do with astrology.

According to many reports, this apparent 13th sign affects those born between 29 November and 17 December (mainly Sagittarians), although that is nothing to worry about because Ophiuchus is a constellation and NOOOTTT a sign of the zodiac; leaving the zodiac chart as is.

Poor Ophiuchus was first left out by Babylonians (who lived over 3,000 years ago and created the zodiac chart). Knowing there were 13 constellations, they consciously drew up the chart with only 12 zodiac signs

This was to neatly match constellations with the 12 months in the annual calendar. So they left behind Ophiuchus and adapted the 12-star sign zodiac chart that we know today.

*If* Ophiuchus was to make an entry in the zodiac sharts the new dates would look like this:

  1. Capricorn: 20 January to 15 February
  2. Aquarius: 16 February to 11 March
  3. Pisces: 11 March to 18 April
  4. Aries: 18 April to 13 May
  5. Taurus: 13 May to 21 June
  6. Gemini: 21 June to 20 July
  7. Cancer: 20 July to 10 August
  8. Leo: 10 August to 16 September
  9. Virgo: 16 September to 30 October
  10. Libra: 30 October to 23 November
  11. Scorpio: 23 November to 29 November
  12. Ophiuchus: 29 November to 17 December
  13. Sagittarius: 17 December to 20 January

However, your zodiac sign is STILL the same fam.


Anyone else felt personally victimized by the supposed introduction of Ophiuchus into the Zodiac chart?!

Kinda feel bad for the fella now…

Although this does NOT apply, if you happen to fall into the Ophiuchus window, then just know that being a part of the snake-bearer fam ain’t all that bad! Plenty of powerful traits rule your house

To make things clear one more time, this does not affect people born before, after in the middle of 2016 or any other year! The zodiac charts are STILL the same with the same 12 core signs

FYI, NASA has nothing to do with astrology. As astrology has been rejected by the scientific community for having zero explanatory power for describing the universe

Astrology is all about numbers and a belief system that revolves around the astronomical phenomena in relation with events or descriptions of personality in the human world.


Regina George is that you?!

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