5 Era-Inspired Décor Items That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re In ‘Bridgerton’


Bridgerton, the new hit Netflix show just came out in December but a lot of people are ADDICTED.

It’s been a while since a period show made its way into our hearts since the days of Mr. Darcy, but so worth the wait.

If you fancy yourself a dress-up or to just feel like you’re a part of the ever-elegant Regency-era, check out these Bridgerton-inspired decor items.

So snazzy, these will have you feeling like Duchess Daphne after you see ’em



5. Nothing like a silver jewellery box to store your pretty necklaces and rings

Get the Vintage Roman Village Jewellery Box in silver and live your best Regency-gal dreams

Get it for AED99 here

4. Prepare to marvel at the sight of your floral wall 

Regency Era was nothing without its bright, patterned walls and now you too can live it up with these wallpapers.

Get it for AED145 here

3. What time is it? It’s tea o’clock!

Invite your girls over for tea because not only does this set serve nine but it makes for a great display piece in the kitchen.


Get this for AED45.90 here

2. Never forget the good times and make sure you show it (with this CLASS of a frame)

Get it for AED129 here

1. The antique candle stick holder-that’s it, that’s all there need be

Anything with an antique-feel, and you’re good to go!

Get it for AED33.37 here

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