Mad Shadz’ Bang On French Imitation Video Will Low-Key Get You Wanting To Learn Some Francais ASAP


Mad Shadz’ Bang On French Imitation Video Will Low-Key Get You Wanting To Learn Some Francais ASAP

Did someone say imitation video? Well, there’s only ONE man that comes to mind when you think ‘impersonation’ and thas…*drumroll* Mad Shadz.

The Dubai based comedian recently shared yet another chucklesome video for his instafam and this time it features Francois and his thick French accentè.

Yes, Francois… we feel you!


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If you’re anything like me and are getting the urge to learn some French after getting a load of this skit… then vite, vite keep scrolling child!

5. Learn to communicate easily in French with this French Tutor: A contemporary interactive workbook that features 200 activities across a range of grammar and vocabulary points with clear goals, concise explanations, and real-world tasks.

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“It’s hard to find good books that are not geared to beginners. The French Tutor is easy to follow and intended for advanced beginners to intermediate language learners.”

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4. Easy Learning French Conversation comes with a free downloadable audio file and is an ideal tool for learners of French at all levels, whether at school, in evening classes, or at home.

Promising review:

“What I like best about this book is that it’s so practical — you’re learning phrases, constructions, and vocabulary that you use on a daily basis; I also like that you’re given 3 or 4 examples for each construction; finally, the fact that the constructions are repeated and recycled for use in different situations — this not only reinforces what you’ve already learned, but it also makes good use of study time since you’re getting multiple looks at a well-defined set of constructions.”

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3. LANGUAGE HACKING FRENCH: Learn what’s indispensable, and skip what’s not – and using what you’ve learned to have real conversations in French – from day one!

Promising review:

“I have a special review for this book. 1 year ago my boyfriend bought the Italian version and he loved it. He went to Italy and he made it! He could establish a conversation in Italian within 2 months studying. He insisted that I should buy my French Hacking one as he saw I was not improving that much in my French course (which is one of the most known french course in the world). And I should say that I’m really shocked by my improvement so far with this book. I’m glad Benny Lewis wrote this and recorded the audios. Thank you, man! You made me a favour and so did for many other people!”

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2. For the over-achievers, this Complete French Set will get you familiar with the A-Zs of Francais faster than you can say… ‘croissant’!!

Promising review:

“This is a good product that combines listening, speaking, reading, and writing. I do wish that the cd had pauses for me to answer.”

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1. Conversational French Dialogues: Over 100 French Conversations and Short Stories – If you want to know how to solve problems (while learning a ton of French along the way, obviously), this book is for you!

Promising review:

“This is a great way to pick up a more natural French conversation. I loved this format, so I could see both English and French and how they are translated; and so many situations!! This book even had playground conversations, which is not usual, and very useful for me, since I run into a few French families here and there at the parks with my young son. I liked this book, and found it very useful!”

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