LIFTOFF! The 5 Key Mars Mission Moments That Will Go Down In UAE History


Who was watching?!

At 01:58am this morning, The Emirates Mars Mission Hope Probe launched from Japan’s Tanegashima Space Centre. And following this came the announcement from The UAE Space Agency and Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre that the Ground Control station located in Dubai’s Al Khawaneej area had successfully received the first transmission from the Hope Probe at 03:10 am. The lift-off was a success!

One for the history books: Here are the memorable Mars Mission liftoff moments that will go down in history

5. Dawn on the day of liftoff. The date had been moved twice due to unsuitable weather conditions. The rocket has a small window with which it can launch. Finally, on July 20, weather permitted and launch preparations were moved into the final stages

4. The final checks: 18 hours before the launch the final checks took place including moving the spacecraft to the launchpad and removing the cover of the camera

3. 1.57am: The Arabic Countdown. This was the first time ever a rocket launched with an Arabic countdown. A proud moment for the entire region

2. 1.58am: Liftoff! The Hope Probe successfully launch on time

1. 3:10 am: The Ground Control station located in Dubai received the first transmission from the Hope Probe

The Lovin Daily: HISTORY MADE! The Emirates Mars Hope Probe Launch Was A Complete Success

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