Pet Parents Will Be Loving Us For This Mini Fur Vacuum For Only AED35


This mini handheld desk vacuum is the ultimate quick solution to all your messy problems.

From all the dust bunnies lying around to the hard to get rid of pet fur, this mini handheld vacuum that you can squeeze in small spaces and eradicate the dirt is an angel in disguise peeps.

You can literally just hover it over your bed, desk, laptop… even your face and the vacuum will effectively draw away all the irritating loose fur strands lying around from your furbabies. Thank you universe.

Your pet’s shedding will never bother you again… don’t know about the other stuff though, that’s on you!

Even if you don’t have pets this mighty portable vacuum will deffo come in handy ‘cuz of its flat suction mode, that sucks out dust particles, cigarette ash, fur, hair, crumbs, rubber swarf… anything and errathing really!!

On Amazon for only AED 35.49.

The magnetic base allows you to easily disassemble the vacuum to get rid of all the stored dirt and garbage

Buy it from Amazon for only AED 35.49.

The water droplet design of the mini vacuum makes it a slick gadget to carry around as well

Shop it on Amazon for AED 35.49.

It’s one press of a button and ZERO mess with this bad baby!! This mini handheld vacuum will become your right-hand man in cleaning!

On Amazon for AED 35.49.

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