We Stalked And Found That The Secret To Nathalie Fanj’s Hollywood-Level Pearly Whites Cost Less Than AED200!!


We Stalked And Found That The Secret To Nathalie Fanj’s Hollywood-Level Pearly Whites Cost Less Than AED200!!

Stalking is actually a strong word, let’s refer to this specific pursuit as intense researching.

Nathalie Fanj AKA the Arab Kendal Jenner who is an iconic and uber elegant style maverick in the Middle-East always flashes the perfect pearly whites in her bombshell pics, and after a few hours of professional-level researching, we uncovered her SECRET thas pretty-darn affordable!

Hollywood-level teeth whitening in less than 200 bucks?! Won’t say no to that fam.

BTW if you can’t see Nathalie Fanj as Kendal Jenner in this click then I will personally come down to wherever you are and fight you

The secret to Nathalie’s white as sheet setta teeth is CREST Teeth Whitening Strips!!


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Kaaa-chingggg? Major buck-saver alert. Pearly whites, here I come.

3. Just sit tight, “don’t talk for 30 minutes & save money” with these Crest 3D White Vivid Teeth Whitening Strips! Walk outta your home with teeth whiter than Karen.

Promising review:

“Of course Crest whitening strips work & glad to find them on Amazon at affordable price. I know many people these days are buying & paying for the non-slip strips. For me that isn’t necessary, sit quietly, don’t talk for 30 minutes & save money.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 199.00.

2. These non-slip Vivid Plus Crest 3D White Whitestrips are known to whiten even the most stained teeth.

Promising review:

“Holy cow! I just got these and have only used the 1 hour express and these results are literally after just 1 treatment of the 1 hour express! Huge difference!”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 299.97.

1. For a quick, intense and lasting teeth whitening treatment opt for these Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Blue Light that helps the results last for 36 whole months!!

Promising review:

“The most incredible products. My teeth’s are so white.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 348.02.

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