Speculations Of Donald Trump Relocating To Dubai Aren’t All That Unbelievable


There are strong speculations of President Donald Trump considering relocating out of the USA after the end of his term.

And this is no assumption floating around in the air, the president himself hinted at the same during a recent political rally where he said, “maybe I’ll have to leave the country…I don’t know”

Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth right here:

*0:37 onwards*

Back to the point; Clear-eyed USA citizens are demanding the government to take action against the president in light of the recent U.S. Capitol breach, by impeaching or imprisoning Trump as well as imprisoning the Capitol mob. Thus, the mounting tension over the president’s next move to avoid facing repercussions after he’s no longer in power and his all presidential immunity is lost.

“If Trump smells that he’s going to get Impeached, Convicted, and Removed — he will be fleeing the country…”

The Body Language & Emotional Intelligence Expert, Dr. Jack Brown added that,

I’d guess UAE, Russia, or Saudi Arabia within the next 72 hours (while he still has power).

The leader of the free world may just take advantage of his strong ties with the luxurious UAE and relocate to Dubai

The city is on-brand for Trump, the glitz, the glamour, the skyscrapers and NYC feel.

Further owning profitable business ventures like the Trump International Golf Club, and being on good terms with developers such as DAMAC here in the emirate, it is more than likely that the 45th and current president of the United States will pick DXB as his next home.

Seeing Dubai’s state-of-the-art economy, that’s allowing for businesses to thrive amid a full-blown pandemic, the business mogul may just see the city as his very next project where he can still impose his power to expand his brand.

Knowing the president’s boastful nature and Dubai’s world-record-smashing nature, the city seems like the perfect match for Trump.

There is immense pressure for the president to leave the office at the earliest, however, the date set for Trump to officially step down from his presidential duties has been set for January 20, 2021.

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