The American ‘Grocery Run’ Look Starter Pack – Coronavirus Edition


There is a shortage of masks, gloves and sanitizers all over the world! With prices of these preventive items skyrocketing into AED100+ zone. So you know what they say… desperate times call for desperate measures.

So Americans have put on their thinking caps and made the most of very little. Sellotaping on garbage bags, zipping up in diving suits, throwing paper bags and plastic mattress covers over their heads and all that jazz, Americans have done it all.

So as something fun to shoo away the corona blues, here is the ultimate ‘Coronavirus American grocery run’ look starter pack!

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Look #1: The ‘diving into the unknown’ look

The virus ain’t coming anywhere near this chap, thas for sure.

1. A nice body-suffocating scuba diving suit that’s tight enough to stop ALL blood circulation and air particles from entering your body

On Amazon for AED 202.

Girls can also choose from these scuba suits too!

On Amazon for AED 230.

2. A scuba diving oxygen tank! Because a reliable source of oxygen is key to fighting this virus

On Amazon for AED 799.99.

3. Protecc your eyes, mouth, lips, basically your whole face and respiratory system with this snorkelling full face mask

On Amazon for AED 69.

4. Sports gloves! Cuz you are economical and can reuse these for a number of thaaangs

On Amazon for AED 137.82.

And that concludes it for look #1!

Look #2: The ‘safety-first garbage man’ look

When you gots to do what you gots to do!

1. Well for starters… you need to cover your body with a long disposable garbage bag, because anything outside right now is just trash

Available on Amazon for AED 9.90.

2. Out of masks?! Worry not! Just cut eyeholes and place these brown paper bags over your head and BAAM goodbye corona it is

On Amazon for AED 44.90.

3. Duct tape to tightly secure the garbage around you… because clearly corona can crawl up from anywhere

On Amazon for AED 15.99.

4. To complete look #2 grab a pair of reusable yellow kitchen rubber gloves and wave goodbye to any kinda germ heading your way

On Amazon for AED 8.99.

If you’re going for the ‘American Covid-19 grocery run’ look then honestly… even your Halloween costume would do at this point

Feature image credits: @IGDAILYMEDIA


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