STAHHPPP!! These 3 DIY Facial Mask MAKERS Are Way Too Exciting To Stay Calm


Is it just me, or did you also never know that DIY facial mask makers even existed?!!?

This is exciting stuff people! To actually make your own facial masks with your own custom picked ingredients and oils… Aaahhh! For the DIY kaweeeens out there, these 3 home face mask-makers must really be getting your blood pumping right now.

The excitement to find cool gizmos like this online is kinda unmatchable honestly. So go on… start a new hobby, show off your cool new DIY device on insta or pamper your dehydrated skin YOUR way these 3 home face mask-makers.

The steps on how to use the product are the same for all three:

  1. Open the lid and pour pure water, juice and collagen (the product does not include collagen effervescent tablets and needs to be prepared yourself), into the machine in proportion.
  2. Close the lid, plug in the power, operate the switch, ready to make mask.
  3. After the machine stops, pour off the mask liquid on the facial mask model and wait for its solidification.

3. Throw in your fave fruits and veggies inside this Facial Mask Maker Machine for your customised Eye Chest Hand Neck Skin Care

The mixture of fruits, veggies and collagen will help your tired skin become lively and healthy, tightening your skin and recover its elastic for your beauty.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 349.90.

2. This DIY Natural Face Mask Machine is cute, portable and super stylish!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 249 (comes in 3 other colours).

1. Have your face mask made and ready to put on within just 5-minutes with this Facial Mask Maker!!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 189.99.

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