UAE To Bring Back Nightly Curfew If COVID-19 Cases Continue To Spike Within The Country


UAE To Bring Back Nightly Curfew If COVID-19 Cases Continue To Spike Within The Country

With COVID-19 cases seeing a major spike in the country for five days straight, it has been reported that the UAE – as a contingency – may reinstate the country-wide nightly curfew (locally referred to as the National Sterilisation Programme) within the country once again.

A recap of last week’s coronavirus numbers (Aug 16 – Aug 22):

  • Sunday – 210 cases
  • Monday – 229 cases
  • Tuesday – 365 cases
  • Wednesday – 435 cases
  • Thursday – 461 cases
  • Friday – 391 cases
  • Saturday – 424 cases

The Minister of Health and Community Protection Abdul Rahman Al Owais, has remarked on the influx of coronavirus cases by calling it an “alarming increase”.

The National Sterilisation Programme was initially launched on March 26, 2020, to curb the spread of the novel virus when it was at its peak. During this 3-month long programme, the UAE gov arranged thorough sterilisation of all public facilities including public transportation, parks, streets, alleys and other public areas.

Dr Saif Al Dhaheri, spokesman for National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA), said the UAE is prepped for any scenarios to ensure case numbers do not continue to rise

Residents are being reminded to follow precautionary measures of social distancing and wearing a face mask to maintain their health & safety when out in public?

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