5 Glorious Ways To Get Your Vimto Fix This Month


‘Tis the season for Vimto!

Consider supermarket shelves stocked with your favourite, mightily retro Ramadan drink, as the fruity cordial makes its annual appearance on your diet plan for the next month.

5 Glorious Ways To Guzzle On Vimto That You Need To Know About


5. Coke who? This sparkling juice feels more like a fancy mocktail than a regular juice

This is the glass bottled drink you need in your life and from AED5 consider this your sugar rush for the duration of the Holy Month.

4. Find someone who wouldn’t love this Vimto trio as a Ramadan gift… we’ll wait

There’s something gloriously celebratory about a Vimto bottle covered in fairy lights, which is why we think THIS is actually the unique combo of fruit juice PLUS an adorably apt Ramadan gift.

Get it here for AED39.14

3. This is the box your parents kept deliciously stocked when you were a kid

Be the best son/daughter you can be and stock that shelf for them instead! Thoughtful, generous and reminding you of great times, you can stock your kitchen with this beautiful retro box from AED159 for a pack of 12 (plus, you can get it delivered).

Buy the Vimto box here

2. Did you even have a childhood if you didn’t suckle Vimto from a juice box?

Why does juice taste that little bit better when it’s right out of a juice box? Just us?! One for the kids too, get 9 juice boxes for AED12.15 and thank us later.

Buy Vimto juice boxes here

1. The OG bottle that appears at the entrance of every supermarket round about this time of year

It’s like supermarket managers convene every year and discuss how they’ll stock their Vimto, and together they decide that the pyramid-shape setup NEVER goes out of fashion.

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