A Saudi Graphic Designer Makes These Awesome Edits That Look TOO Real


You need to check out Amr Khaled’s Instagram page for the coolest edits that actually look super real

Imagine if Majdoul tower was actually made like this? These are just one of the many cool edits that Amr showcases on his Instagram page, which has over 25 thousand followers. He posts videos and images of edits that will absolutely blow your mind. With places in Jeddah, Khobar, Riyadh, and even other places worldwide, his page will keep you scrolling for more. Check out his designs below, as this local talent makes the impossible look totally possible.

This video of Ithra looks INSANELY satisfying

There’s an astronaut casually laying here on the corniche

Aside from cool edits of places in the Kingdom, Amr also makes funny edits like these

Even Jeddah’s Qibla scuplture looks like paper with this edit

This is probably the realest one yet


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