A Young Saudi Man Documented His Journey Learning To Walk For The First Time


Sometimes, the internet can be a place that is full of positivity and the best parts of a community.

And one recent incident that utilized social media in the best ways are the story of a young Saudi man who shared his experiences walking for the first time

A Saudi young man, Raja Al-Maabadi, took to the internet to document his joy standing for the first time since his birth.

Due to poor health conditions growing up, he was never able to walk. However, Al-Maabadi decidded that he will overcome everything in his way and work on being able to walk.

In 2017, the doctors decided to perform three surgeries to lengthen his tendons which allowed him to eventually walk with a crutch and then, finally, was able to stan up without a crutch.


He even shared this story on an interview

So happy for him!

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