10 Amazing Things That Happened In Saudi In 2017


2017 was a landmark year – even saying that feels like an understatement.

So many changes happened in Saudi that will make the year go down in the history books. We have picked some of the most memorable things that happened during the year.

1. Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is made Crown Prince

The amazing reforms since then are apparent.

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2. Women are allowed to drive!

The whole world celebrated with Saudi on this one.

3. Cinema ban is lifted.

From Bollywood to Hollywood, Saudis will be allowed to watch them on the big screen.

4. Sophia is given Saudi citizenship.

She became the first humanoid to be given a citizenship by any country. 

5. Jeddah gets an amazing waterfront.

Finally, a place that the beautiful city deserved.

6. Women are allowed in the football stadiums for the first time during national day celebrations

The decision to allow women to watch matches live in the stadium was also taken in 2017.

7. NEOM is announced.

For starters, it is 33 times bigger than New York City.

8. There is the Red Sea Project as well.

Around 50 islands from the mesmerizing Red Sea will be developed and be thrown open to tourists from around the world.

9. Saudi Arabia makes it to UN Women’s Rights Commission

10. And lastly, Saudi Arabia announces its largest ever budget.

So we have loads to look forward to in 2018.

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