NEOM City: 6 Incredible Things To Know About Saudi’s New City That Will Be An ‘Independent Special Zone’


Saudi’s NEOM City to be built by the Red Sea  is hyping the entire Kingdom as well as the region. It’s going to be the world’s first independent special zone, that will span through 3 countries. 

Here’s a few things to know about the city we’re all anxiously waiting for: 

NEOM- The word ‘neo’ is Latin for ‘new’ and the ‘M’ stands for the word ‘Mostaqbal’ which means ‘future’ 

The perfect fit for the futuristic new city that’s set to be developed in Saudi’s Northwestern region.

It will extend to a 26,500-square km (10,230-square mile) zone that will include the Egyptian and Jordanian borders, linking with it the new city 

So people can travel around, and see all three. Hey, best of three worlds. 

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The futuristic city is going to create lots of job opportunities for everyone

It aims to be the city where the future of tech, mobility, energy, water, digital sciences and entertainment will PREVAIL.


The city will hold more freedom among locals and expats than the rest of the Kingdom (in many areas)

Read why below.

The city will be excluded from sovereign laws

Or laws that are related to the military sector, foreign policy and sovereign decisions. However, all will remain at the discretion of the Kingdom’s government. 

Neom’s first phase is set to complete by 2025, according to their main page 


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