Here’s The Reason Why Every Japanese Crown Prince Visits Saudi On Their First Official Foreign Tour


The King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives shared a cool blast from the past on Twitter that has surprised many of is. The foundation has shared a lot of cool things in the past but their recent one on Japan is extra special.

Apparently, every single Japanese Crown Prince visits Saudi Arabia on their first official foreign tour and there’s a legit reason for that.

So back in 1953, Prince Fahd Bin Abdulaziz was on his first official tour. He was in London to attend the the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on behalf of the kingdom. So when Prince Fahd was there he noticed that he preceded Japan’s Crown Prince Akihito in the seating arrangement protocol of the Royal Palace of the UK. He, however, allowed the Japanese Crown Prince to precede him.

The Japanese were grateful for this gesture and to this day they’ve made it a point to make the first official trip by the Japnaese Crown Prince to Saudi Arabia.


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