Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Saudi Arabia’s Newest World Heritage Site


A few weeks ago, we were caught by surprise when another Saudi site (this time a lesser-known one) joined the prestigious list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The site was called the Hima Cultural Area and most of us hardly had heard about it. We at Lovin dug up on it and we came across interesting findings that show just how amazing our country’s heritage really is. Just to remind you of the tally, Saudi Arabia now has six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with many more expected to join the coveted list soon as several feature on UNESCO’s Tentative List.

The Hima Cultural Area is located on Arabia’s ancient caravan routes.

The rock art here shows cultural continuity of over 7,000 years!

Travelers through here left a wealth of petroglyphs and other inscriptions.

It is said to be the world’s oldest toll station.

The wells here are over 3,000 years old and surprisingly still have fresh water in them.

Someone from way back in history is waving hello here.

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