This Saudi Village Is So Green That It’s Officially Called “The Green Village”


Nestled in the hills of the Asir Province, a picturesque verdant village has caught the fancy of many travelers. The village goes by the name of Qaryat Al Khadra, which is roughly translated to “The Green Village” in English. But the village is supposedly named such not after its greenery but rather its main congregational mosque.

But it might as well have been named after the greenery given the lush vegetation here.

There’s even a market called the Green Market here where you can buy fresh produce that grows in the village.

The Green Village is located close to the city of Al Namas.

So if you’re tired of the regular Abha, Taif and the likes you might as well visit this place where you’ll not only get to soothe your eyes in the lush foliage but also experience the hospitality that small villages in Saudi are known for.

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