5 Can’t-Miss Souvenirs That You Shouldn’t Leave Saudi Arabia Without


Saudi Arabia, a hidden gem of shopping delights, has long been overlooked by travelers as a souvenir paradise. But fear not, for we have compiled a list of the must-have items you simply can’t leave the kingdom without! From exotic fragrances to cultural treasures, here are the top 5 souvenirs to bring back home from your trip to Saudi Arabia.

1. Oud

Derived from the resin of agarwood trees, Oud is a highly prized fragrance adored by Saudis. With a plethora of varieties and price points available, you can choose from pieces of Oud bark to use as incense or indulge in luxurious Oud-based perfumes. The perfumes will never make you want to settle for anything else once you’ve tried them; they’re that good.


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2. Arabian Coffee Set

No trip to Saudi Arabia is complete without savouring a cup of Arabic coffee. Bring home an exquisite Arabian coffee set, complete with beautifully designed cups, a dallah (coffee pot), and a tray. Definitely an impressive addition to your home decor.


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3. Dates

How can you miss out on going out of Saudi without a bagful of the country’s famous dates? This is one that many visitors to Saudi are seen taking back with them. They make for delightful gifts too, so don’t forget to stock up on these natural delights.


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4. Thobe

For men, there are two types of thobes – the ones you go out with and the ones you sleep in. The latter is so cosy that you may just ditch your PJs for it. Not to be outdone, Saudi Arabia also offers an impressive array of thobes for women, a fantastic addition to your wardrobe.

5. Zamzam

Water from the well of Zamzam that’s been miraculously pumping water for over a millennium from the middle of the desert is an item that a lot of travellers from Saudi take back with them. Many airlines even allow you to carry a 5-litre bottle for free, provided it’s purchased at the airport. Just double-check with your airline in advance to ensure compliance.

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