5 Earthly Wonders Of Saudi That Are Guaranteed To Leave You Awestruck


Being such a vast country with such varying landscapes, Saudi Arabia is blessed with so many geological oddities that are well worth a flight ticket in their own right. With many places in the country still relatively unexplored, there are so many potential tourist sites that remain out there. Here are the ones that peeps have found; only time will tell how many more of these wonders Saudi Arabia will throw at us in the times to come.

1. A String Of Volcanoes That Stand In A Straight Line

Saudi Arabia is home to several ancient volcanic lava fields; these are the last frontiers that are yet to be explored. Far from the highways standing in tough terrain that even 4x4s will find difficult to traverse through is a cluster of seven volcanoes that form a straight line.

2. A Thumb In The Desert

Trust Instagram to give you amazing travel inspiration, including some that have it in them to make you green with envy. For those living in Sharqiya, this large rock that rises from the desert like a proverbial sore thumb has become a place that everyone needs to visit and post on IG right away. Locals call it the Devil’s Thumb, but it’s also known as Judah’s Thumb based on the town called Judah that lies close by.

3. A Place That Looks Like A Meteor Crash But Isn’t

The Wahbah Crater was considered for the longest time to be the site of a meteor crash, but this was later debunked to be a volcanic crater in the 1960s. It still makes for an awesome site, though, with its base that’s filled with white sodium phosphate crystals, giving it just that extra bit of glitter for that picture-perfect landscape photo you’ve been trying to shoot all along.


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4. The Mysterious White Volcanoes

There are a set of white volcanoes in the kingdom’s largest lava field, called Harrat Khaybar. Here in the dark outlandish landscape, the creamy white colour of these volcanoes forms a striking contrast. A sight that you can literally stare at for hours. Some of these volcanoes are pretty tall too; the Jabal Abyad is over 2,000 metres in height.

5. Weird Sounds Of The Empty Quarter

The desert looks empty and barren, but there’s a lot that the Rub Al Khali (Empty Quarter) holds. People who’ve travelled through this barren desert in the past have said they heard a weird sound, almost as if the sand were whispering something to them.


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