5 Things That Gen Z Saudis Do That Millennials Would NEVER Even Think Of Doing


Gen Z will never understand how good the 90s were nor will they understand what it feels like to read a new Harry Potter book – nostalgia and reading books not among their top priorities. Plus, there are too many distractions nowadays anyway.

Gen Z has given us a bevy of weird TikTok and IG trends and there’s like so many things that millennials no matter how cool they’d like to look would never think of doing.

I’ll own it: I’m a millennial.

1. Actually Post Content On TikTok

We all enjoy TikTok’s captivating videos, but the people who really post the content aren’t millennials. If you take a quick look at your Instagram feed, you’ll see that the majority of influencers, some of whom have millions of followers, are from the Gen Z demographic. Some even go so far as to make fun of millennials every now and then – not cool!

@bashar_arabi سنة كم انولدت!؟😂#بشار_عربي ♬ original sound – بشار عربي | FBA

2. Eat Shrimps Wearing Gloves

Shrimp joints are the newest rage in Saudi cities and the customer base at most of these places is hands down from Gen Z. These places serve you shrimps in a bag and give you gloves and aprons to wear while you’re eating them – a messy sight I must add. Any which way it looks like shrimps are the new burgers for Gen Z.


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3. Use Twitch

Watching people play video games is apparently a super cool thing to do. You’ve got so many Saudi video game streamers and they’re apparently raking in good dough too. This is just one of those things that millenials would never understand.

4. Take Investment Advice on Instagram

Investing has never been easier, whether it’s in cryptocurrency, the Tadawul stock exchange, or even Dow Jones and Nasdaq — there are dedicated applications to assist Gen Z manage it all. With such ease to invest saw the rise of people offering investment advice on Instagram. And, some of these influencers have amassed millions of followers by doing just that.

5. Talk To Their Friends And Fam On Snapchat

They’re literally using Snapchat as a messaging tool while we millennials and boomers are sticking to BORING WhatsApp!


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