9 Countries That You Can Actually Travel To Using Your Saudi Iqama In Summer 2022


If it isn’t obvious, you still need your passport to travel as well.

Regardless of whatever your nationality is, holding on to a Saudi iqama is almost like a visa-free pass to several countries. The visa is one of the biggest travel hurdles and with that out of the way, you can spend more time planning your epic summer trip rather than applying for it.

P.S. Some countries may have a requirement of certain professions they allow to enter using the iqama so be sure to call the concerned embassy beforehand.

1. Georgia

Georgia is one of the most popular travel destinations for Saudis and chances are that any other tourist you meet there is likely from Saudi Arabia as well. Guess that’s why they offer their visa-free facility not only to Saudi nationals but to Saudi iqama holders as well.

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2. Kuwait

There’s a form that has to be filled out at the airport and you have to pay a visa fee of KD3 that’s approximately SAR36 (perks of being the highest valued currency in the world).


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3. Qatar

The Qatar Airways website mentions that those traveling from Saudi can get a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 30 days, they do specify however that they must be arriving from their country of residence.

4. Oman

Like Qatar, Oman too has a requirement of iqama holders arriving in the country via Saudi to avail the visa on-arrival facility.

5. Bahrain

Come weekend, thousands of iqama holders make use of the visa-free facility that Bahrain offers iqama holders provided that they enter the country through the King Fahd Causeway. In fact, for most expats living in Sharqiya, traveling to Bahrain doesn’t even feel like international travel anymore.

6. Jordan

Entry to the land of Petra sans a visa is possible provided that you drive to one of its three land border crossings with Saudi Arabia. It’s not free though, you have to shell out SAR55 per passport. People have even reported that those on a family visit visa too are eligible for a visa through the border crossing, however, we cannot independently verify this claim.


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7. Tunisia

Picture-perfect Tunisia is one of the newest countries on this list that allows Saudi residents visa-free entry. Yes, visa-free! Just hop on a flight and you’ll be in ancient Carthage in no time.

8. UAE (evisa)

It’s not exactly visa-free but we’ve still included it in the list as Saudi iqama holders can apply for an evisa to the UAE.

9. Egypt (Only Through The Cruise)

Saudi Arabia now has cruises that you can go on and one of the good things about these cruise trips is that you get to go to a different country without a visa. Egypt is one destination that was on MSC Cruise’s roster from Jeddah last year passengers were allowed to get off the ship and embark on excursions in Egypt through it without booking a prior visa. The cruise company did however keep the passports with them though.

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