A Saudi Philanthropist Couldn’t Have Kids Of His Own So He Undertook The Responsibility Of Looking After 7,000 Orphans


Ali Al-Ghamdi is a total legend. The man initially didn’t have kids of his own, so he sought to help out the orphans. Eventually, he ended up supporting over 7,000 orphans, and some are now full-grown men doing well in their respective careers.

Al-Ghamdi eventually was blessed with kids of his own, but his charitable work for orphans across the world hasn’t stopped. He’s helped build classrooms for kids, set up clinics, given out scholarships, and done everything he can to make sure that these kids have the best possible chance in life.

He says he was inspired to start helping orphans after he visited some African countries when he was young. The extreme poverty he witnessed astounded him, and he felt compelled to act. So Al-Ghamdi started saving up his money, and he eventually quit his job to focus on his philanthropic work full-time.

His story has resurfaced on social media recently, and it sure is inspiring.

Ali Al Ghamdi, couldn’t have children, so he became a father to 7000 Orphans
by u/jemahAeo in HumansBeingBros

Another video of his went viral recently in which he dropped many deets about his life. He apparently doesn’t own a house or a car and takes out personal loans to help the orphans.


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