AlUla Has Become Way More Than Just A Tourist Destination With These Awesome Ads


AlUla is known to be the central hub when it comes to tourism in Saudi Arabia with its breathtaking views and beautiful rock-formations

Madain Saleh, located in the area of AlUla is one of the most visited places in the Kingdom, and millions of tourists choose this site as the backdrop for their cool pictures. The Maraya concert hall, covered entirely in mirrors, is also one of the many reasons why AlUla has become an international sensation. Not to mention, the Elephant Rock is part of the region’s identity, as its natural elephant-like shape is what makes it a treat for the eyes, and totally worth the visit. However, the popularity of the region has lead AlUla to become much more than just a tourist destination. Thanks to the beautiful spots and worldwide recognition, AlUla has now succesfully become an advertisement hub for really big companies.

Big names like Cartier, Netflix and even Dior chose to light up Elephant Rock when advertising their products

Cartier announced their new bracelet, with a teaser of the Cartier panther arriving in AlUla.

Dior also took to AlUla to advertise their famous ‘SAUVAGE’ perfume

The ads were shown on both Maraya and Elephant Rock.

Stranger Things even presented teasers for Season 4 of the show on Elephant Rock

This phenomenon was trending on Twitter for the longest time, as the images looked super real!

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