AlUla Is Now On The Metaverse


The metaverse is being used to bring the ancient city of AlUla to life, allowing visitors to explore its timeless beauty from the comfort of their homes. Flying on a hot-air balloon over the ancient city is hands down the best way to see AlUla. You can now experience that hot-air balloon experience in the metaverse.

So yake in the breathtaking sights from above, from lush oases and rocky mountains to spectacular sandstone formations and archaeological sites, many of them dating back thousands of years.

AlUla’s Hegra is reportedly the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Metaverse.

Whether you’re a traveller looking to explore or a local just wanting a change of scenery, the Metaverse is here to show you the way. AlUla sure is gonna see a huge uptick in interest from tourists around the world in the days to come.


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