AlUla Will Soon Feature This Stunning Modern Equestrian Village


The Royal Commission for AlUla has announced the designs of Al-Maderry Village, a totally modern equestrian village ready to welcome thousands of tourists. This spot aims to make AlUla the number one global destination for equestrian sports fans around the world.

This project is in line with the development of the equestrian sector in Al-Ula. The announcement came in conjunction with the Cup of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for Endurance 2021, which Mohammed Al-Hashemi from Bahrain won after successfully completing the four stages within a period of 5:47 hours.

A look into the beautiful village 👀

The village is said cover ground of around 2,850 kilometers, and also includes many elements of equestrian sports like a main equestrian race track, an endurance race track, a grass court and a sand court for polo sports, in addition to two specialized warm-up and celebrations court, two stable complexes that will house more than 740 horses! 🐎


A Statement by the Executive Director of the Sports Sector in AlUla

Ziad Al Suhaibani, Executive Director of the Sports Sector at the Royal Commission for AlUla, said: “The moderate equestrian village is an ideal destination to attract horse and equestrian enthusiasts, and various equestrian activities; adding that the village will contribute to achieving many of the objectives of AlUla Vision in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.”

“The moderate equestrian village will attract those interested in equestrian experiences, in line with tourism activities and sustainability principles adopted in AlUla,” he added.

Al-Ula is also preparing to build Al-Ula film studios with the aim of Al-Ula becoming a regional center for the television and film production sector.


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