5 Budget-Friendly Items You Might Need If You’re An Aspiring Content Creator


5 budget-friendly items you might need if you’re an aspiring content creator.

It’s 2021 and if you haven’t thought up a platform to create content for yet, you may be missing out.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em is definitely the motto of the year and everyone’s turning to social media to curate content either for their personal or business brands.

You’re one of those people, we reckon, otherwise you wouldn’t have stumbled into this article.

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So, to no further ado, check out these budget-friendly options that will kickstart your content creator game STAT

5. Ring light – the bigger the size, the more space it covers

Check out Noon for the perfect kind of ring light that works for you. Remember, you have to know the type of lighting AND size you prefer.

Get it here

4. Backdrops of ANY color

Sometimes your bedroom as a background will, other times a pop of color will do SO much to make your products (or face) stand out on camera.

Get it here for AED26.95 

3. A tripod (duh!)

This is especially necessary for those outdoor shots you plan on taking or when you’re recording videos on your own- stacks of books just ain’t enough.

Get it for AED49.50 here

2. Microphones because the clearer you sound, the better your point comes along

Get it here for AED31

1. Camera clip-on lens for your phone

A 3-in-1 mobile camera lens in case you need those spontaneous fish-eye angle to your pictures and videos, with a wide angle and and macro lens.

Get it for AED20 here

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