Here Are The Top 5 Wow Factors Of The Line Exhibition In Riyadh


Riyadh has been hosting ‘The Line’ exhibit for around a month now, and visitors are still flocking up by the hundreds. From proper blueprints, masterplans, and stunning images of the iconic Neom project, there are several things that are blowing people’s minds. LovinRiyadh actually got first-hand clips of the large exhibit, so you don’t have to! Check out the 5 most eye-catching factors of this iconic exhibit.

5. The 3-D models are SUPER detailed 👀

Everything from the water, desert, boats, trees, and buildings are perfect down to the detail. It really makes you appreciate all the brains and hard work being put into this record-breaking project!

4. They even presented ‘The Line’ concept in London 😮

As if it wasn’t already cool enough that ‘The Line’ was coming to Saudi, these geniuses even presented what the project could potentially look like in London, UK. Let’s just say, the city would look TOTALLY awesome 🤩.

3. The visuals of the Neom region create the perfect environment

What better way to know what this project will look like, than to walk right into it? The exhibit also features the different landscapes and weather surrounding ‘The Line,’ taking you on a truly immersive experience.

2. The information provided around is actually super insightful

This unique image shows an aerial view from space of the new city and presents some very important figures you probably didn’t know of. The urban city will work to preserve 95% of the surrounding nature, and plans to house around 80,000 people in close proximity to work, school,  leisure, and health services! Who knew this place would be so efficient! 👏

1. The exhibit does a swell job at visualizing the large size of this project

The exhibit shows the length, surrounding nature, and the size of the Neom region. Featuring the other famous upcoming project, Trojena, helps you visualize how spectacular the city of Neom is going to be. These projects will definitely cover a lot of land, giving you more reason to visit and enjoy a lengthy stay!


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