Here’s A Full Breakdown Of The Saudi E-Visa Cost For GCC Residents


Earlier this month, Saudi Arabia announced visas on arrival for people who have US, UK or Schengen visas (provided they’ve used them at least once) and also announced eVisas for GCC residents. The move has undoubtedly made Saudi Arabia more accessible to tourists.

As with anything new, there are a lot of questions around the eVisas for GCC residents, so we’ll clear them all up here.

The eVisas for all GCC residents are valid for three months, and apparently it takes a little under 24 hours to get the visa.

As for the cost, there’s a $10 upfront payment that has to be paid as soon as you’re done accepting the terms and conditions on the MOFA website.

Then there’s a $12 insurance policy that applicants will have to buy, along with a $10.05 processing fee for the policy.

Right after this, there’s a visa processing fee of $80.

So all in all, the total cost comes to $112.05 (SR 420.64).

Just fill up the info on the page right after, and presto—within 24 hours of applying, you’ll have your eVisa issued.

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