NEOM Is Getting Its Very Own Golf Community: ‘Gidori’


NEOM’s just announced that it’s getting a swanky new coastal gold village!



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NEOM’s Board of Directors proudly introduced Gidori, a lavish residential golf community nestled within the captivating coastal hills along the Gulf of Aqaba. This addition underscores NEOM’s commitment to redefining luxury living in northwest Saudi Arabia, blending avant-garde architecture seamlessly with the region’s natural beauty. It’s another marvelous addition to NEOM’s beautiful projects!


An exclusive haven for residents

NEOM Is Getting Its Very Own Golf Community: ‘Gidori’

Gidori emerges as an exclusive haven, harmonizing opulent hospitality, premium residences, and a diverse range of sports and leisure amenities. Along the enchanting Gulf of Aqaba coastline, Gidori promises an unparalleled living experience. Picture this: a beach-front setup with 190 lush sea-view apartments, cool shops, and chill gardens. NEOM’s turning up the luxury living game.


Hit the greens, then relax like royalty

NEOM Is Getting Its Very Own Golf Community: ‘Gidori’

At the heart of Gidori lies an 18-hole championship golf course, weaving through low hills and rocky outcrops, offering challenging play for golfers of all levels. The clubhouse and golf academy ensure a sophisticated experience, catering to both traditional and e-sports enthusiasts. Complementing the golf course, 200 private villas and homes, a boutique luxury hotel, and a beach club complete the vision, providing unique accommodations and extensive entertainment options.

Gidori goes beyond golf with a variety of vibes

NEOM Is Getting Its Very Own Golf Community: ‘Gidori’

Ever played golf surrounded by hills and rocky vibes? Now you can at Gidori’s 18-hole championship golf course. It’s not just about swinging clubs; there’s a rad clubhouse, a golf academy for all levels, and 200 private villas to flex your golf lifestyle.


NEOM continues to follow through with their commitment to sustainability

The announcement of Gidori follows NEOM’s commitment to sustainable coastal tourism destinations, emphasizing a holistic approach to luxury living, leisure, and environmental responsibility.


With Gidori, NEOM continues to carve out a legacy of modern, eco-friendly living in the mesmerizing landscapes of northwest Saudi Arabia.



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