Saudi Arabia Sets A New World Record And This Time It’s For A Super-Sized Garden


Saudi Arabia is not new to the world records game but this time it’s so unusual that it deserves special mention. It’s actually for a forest this time and if you know the Saudi landscape then it’s just one of those unexpected things happening here, in a good way of course.
Al Ghada Parks in Unaizah has recently landed the Guinness World Record for the largest saxaul botanical garden in the world.

Saxaul is basically a type of tree that normally grows in central Asia but surprisingly the biggest garden of it in the world is here in our very own Qassim spanning an area of over 42,000 acres.

The people of Unaizah deserve due credit for this as they enacted strict laws against the cutting of this tree.

They started doing this about 50 years ago and now they’ve got a world record to boast about. Way to go!


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