Saudi Arabia Will Be Getting A First Of Its Kind Floating Hotel


It’s no secret that Saudi Arabia is going big on tourism – we’ve got plenty of giga tourism projects in the works but now details of a new one that’s unlike anything anywhere have emerged. Saudi Arabia will be getting an ultra-luxury hotel that will be on the sea.

Aman Resorts, which is behind some of the world’s most opulent hotels, is in charge of the project. They’ve teamed up with Cruise Saudi to make this concept a reality. Called Project Sama, a 183-metre luxury superyacht will be transformed into a hotel.

It will house 50 suites on board!


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It comes with all the pampering amenities expected of world-class hotel like spas, fine-dining restaurants and even have a helipad.

Did we mention that it will even have a Japanese garden on it? On a yacht!!!

This makes us ask, how are they fitting all that on a yacht? We’re still super excited about it though, Saudi Arabia is setting the bar high. The “floating hotel” is expected to launch in 2025.

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