Spotted In The Sky: Air Taxis Are Being Tested In NEOM


Air taxis called Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircrafts (eVTOLs) were spotted several times this past week in the skies of NEOM. According to local news reports these eVTOLs were taking part in a week-long test run, and to be deployed in you guessed it, NEOM.

The collaboration between NEOM, the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), and urban mobility company Volocopter paved the way for this achievement, with hopes to expand and implement the groundbreaking ecosystem and testbed in NEOM.

Apparently, the eVTOL aircraft will serve as a key component of NEOM’s mobility system, with plans to utilize renewable energy sources and enable various applications, including air taxis and emergency response vehicles.

The team is now working on integrating the eVTOLs into NEOM’s UTM system, which will manage the traffic of unmanned aircraft.

The eVTOLs are taking off, and so is NEOM’s future.

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