A Man Was Arrested For Stealing A Camel From A Local Farm To Gift To His Girlfriend


Romance may not be for everyone but if your significant other asks for a wild animal on their birthday, a stuffed toy won’t do, right?

A few hours after a camel was born in a nearby farm, the owners returned only to find no baby camels. Three kilometers away, another farm were recently in possession of a young camel. Coincidence?

A man has been arrested for stealing a newborn camel from a nearby farm to gift it to his girlfriend

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Police received a report about a missing camel a few hours after it was born. When the team went to investigate for evidence of theft in the location, they turned up empty handed.

In a nearby farm, the man who stole the camel reported to police that he’d found a young camel in his own farm a few days later

Unconvinced by the man’s story, the police investigated. A newborn camel would not be able to walk 3 kilometers with a main road in between both farms. With that said, the man made a confession.

Director of Bur Dubai Police station, Brigadier Abdullah Khadim, stated that the man and his girlfriend created the story of finding a camel in their farm in fear of police discovering the theft.

The reason why the man stole this animal was because he knew it belonged to a rare breed and is very expensive. He also thought it would make for a suitable gift for his girlfriend. The man and his girlfriend were referred to the public prosecution on charges of stealing and reporting fake information, Brigadier Abdullah said. The young camel was also returned to his rightful owner.

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