The World’s Most Loved Tenor Andrea Bocelli Was In AlUla And Totally Stunned The Crowd


Andrea Bocelli is known to be the world’s most loved tenor. If you haven’t heard of him already, a tenor is the highest male voice type in choir. So you can only imagine how magical his voice sounds. 

Bocelli came to AlUla and lit up Maraya in one of the most magical performances

The singer lit up the concert hall of Maraya with soprano, Laura Mekhail. Bocelli captioned the picture praising the venue saying it..”was like setting in motion a cascade of emotion: triggered by the absolute wonder of the venue.”

Here he is stunning on his arrival in the city 👀

Andrea Bocelli was accompanied by his beautiful wife Veronica Berti. He posted pics of their arrival to AlUla where the couple was all smiles.

This is what the stage looked like for the world’s most loved tenor 🤩


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