These 5 Cinematic Pictures Of AlUla Will Make You Want To Visit ASAP


AlUla has become one of the most visited places in Saudi Arabia and it is beautiful. The city is actually home to one of the seven wonders, that features more 200,000-year-old pieces of Arabian history. The UNESCO World Heritage site of Hegra is quite famous for its ancient tombs carved into beautiful sandstone cliffs. This creates the most beautiful environment for visitors from all over the world. These 5 pictures are some of many that will temp you to visit this site ASAP.

5. Can’t forget the iconic mirrored structure of Maraya


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This awesome structure actually won a Guinness World Record for the largest mirrored structure in the world. Maraya is actually a concert hall that has welcomed numerous artists including the world sensation, Mariah Carey.

4. This is one of the most iconic spots in the city


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3. You can just SEE all the rich history

2. Staying there kinda looks like this 😍


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1. Yes…it gets even better at night 🌙

These pictures are probably more than enough to get you up and ready for a road trip. Pack some jackets because AlUla is known to get pretty cold this time of year.

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