This Is What Manhattan Would Look Like If It Was Built On The Lines Of NEOM


Manhattan is one of the most densely packed places on the planet with skyscrapers springing left, right and center. But what if it was planned differently? Well, that’s exactly what NEOM’s official account recently addressed.

In the video, an alternate reality is shown in which Manhattan is planned on lines of NEOM’s “The Line”. By doing so the total footprint of the borough would be down to just 34 sqkm with plentiful green spaces.

Looks like it’s about time that other places start adopting NEOM’s urban designs.

They also posted a video on Riyadh reimagined in the same fashion.

It’s exactly on this concept that NEOM is building an area called “The Line” that’ll be only 200 meters wide, but will stretch for a good 170 kilometers.

It is expected to house 9 million people and none of whom will need a car inside to commute.


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