This Twitter Thread On These Bizarre Structures Found In Saudi Is A Must-Read


The ancient lava fields near AlUla and Khaybar are punctuated with these peculiar structures that are thousands of years old. Yes, thousands. But to really appreciate their beauty, you have to see them from above. That’s what the “Aerial Archaeology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” (AAKSA) project has been doing, and this Twitter thread sums up their crazy finds here.

Although AlUla and Khaybar are the richest sites, these structures can be found in a variety of locations, like this one in Hail province.

These are actually burial structures and are often placed together, forming what has been termed a “funerary avenue.”

Yup, they actually look like an avenue from above.

Here’s a close-up of one of these structures.

This burial site is well over 4,000 years old!

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