The Crown Prince’s Visit To Jabal Al Lawz Has Probably Made It The The Most Famous Mountain Of The Country


Just moments after the wide sweeping cabinet reshuffle was announced photos of a number of current and replaced council ministers touring the northern part of the country with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman surfaced on the internet.

The photos show them atop the Jabal Al Lawz Mountain, which is located on the peripheries of the upcoming mega city of NEOM.

In one of the photos, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is spotted donning a black baseball cap and green shorts.

The images are believed to be from last summer and were shared by royal photographer Bandar Jaloud.

Jabal Al Lawz is one of the highest peaks in the country with a staggering height of about 2,549 meters.

The record for the highest peak in the country, however, belongs to Asir’s Jabal Al Souda.

Many hadn’t even heard of Jabal Al Lawz prior to these photos and now that they have gone viral the place can expect tourists by the droves.


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