The Top 5 Saudi Eid Destinations That Everyone In The Kingdom Habitually Ends Up Going To


While there are several upcoming places in Saudi that have all the potential to become super huge Eid destinations like Qiddiya, Al Ula and NEOM, but until they begin; we in Saudi have 5 favourites that we normally go to during Eid.

You better be booking your hotel room soon if you are planning to go to any of these places as Eid is when not only the prices go up but empty rooms go scarce as well.

5. Farasan Islands

The Farasan Islands are one place that the world needs to see. The virgin beaches, turquoise waters and rich marine life are things that will make this your favourite Eid destination. Just a word of advice, don’t take your car on the ferry along with you. The ferry (which is free) has only limited spots for cars on it.

4. Sakaka

Okay, this may not be the most popular place to visit during the holidays but it surely has all the potential to become our habitual Eid destination. Check out the splendid Marid Castle and enigmatic Rajajeel while you are there and don’t forget to bring back olive oil from the place as that is what a lot of families tend to do.

3. Abha

The best thing about Abha apart from its weather is that it has so many sites for tourists to see within a 50-kilometre radius. There’s Rijal Alma that has an epic hairpin filled ride that’s a nice place to see and there’s the hanging village of Habalah that sits at the edge of a cliff face. In case you don’t want to venture that far off there’s Jabal Souda that sits right on the outskirts of the city and is said to be the highest point in the country.

2. Taif

This is like the go to place for Jeddah residents during the holidays. A favourite place to stay here are the resorts in the town of Shafa. It’s much colder in Shafa and the air is much cleaner. Talk about fresh, crisp mountain air.

1. Madinah

A lot of people visit the city to pray the Eid prayer. It’s almost become customary for some families as they pray the Eid prayers here without fail no matter how far the city they are coming from. However, many tend to miss out on some amazing sites that the city has to offer for tourists like Wadi Jinn, the Hejaz Railway Museum and Dar Al Madinah to name a few.


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