56-Yr-Old Was Caught Smuggling Meth In Shampoo Bottles At DXB

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This case dates back to November 2020, when a 56-year-old Asian visitor was referred to the public prosecution in Dubai for allegedly attempting to smuggle drugs into the UAE. She was found to be in possession of crystal meth, stashed inside shampoo bottles hidden in her luggage.

When the woman arrived at DXB back in November last year, a customs inspector found her luggage to be suspicious and as per the incident report, asked the Asian lady if she had anything that she wanted to talk about, however, she maintained innocence and denied any concerns.

Upon checking her luggage,  authorities found 3 shampoo bottles that contained 22 small packets of white powdered substance that looked like methamphetamine, meth for short. An official lab report confirmed that it was meth weighing a total of 746g.

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Authorities immediately seized the drugs and took the woman in, to submit her case to the criminal court, and put her on trial for attempting to smuggle illegal drugs.

A reminder to all residents that abuse of drugs and narcotic substances in the UAE can land you in jail for not less than two years, along with a hefty fine of AED10,000.

However, under Article 43, no criminal proceedings shall be instituted against any abuser of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances who voluntarily presents himself either to the Addiction Treatment Unit referred to in Article 4 or to the Public Prosecution, requesting treatment.

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