Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Made Major Revelations To Bloomberg And Here Are The Ones That Matter To You


Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman recently gave an interview to Bloomberg in which he addressed a wide variety of issues from Aramco’s much-anticipated IPO to domestic jobs.

His interview even sparked a trending hashtag on Twitter (#لقاء_ولي_العهد_مع_بلومبيرغ)

The interview is pretty long so we broke it down to just a few key quotes by the Crown Prince from the interview.

On the Trump issue

“Well, you know, you have to accept that any friend will say good things and bad things. So you cannot have 100 percent friends saying good things about you, even in your family. You will have some misunderstandings. So we put that in that category.”

He added “Actually we will pay nothing for our security. We believe that all the armaments we have from the United States of America are paid for, it’s not free armament. So ever since the relationship started between Saudi Arabia and the United States of America, we’ve bought everything with money…”

The Canada dispute

“Canada, they gave an order to Saudi Arabia on an internal issue. It’s not an opinion of Canada about Saudi Arabia as much as they are giving an order to a different country.

Kuwaiti neutral zone oil production

“There are only small issues that have been stuck there for the last 50 years. The Kuwaiti side, they want to fix it today, before we continue to produce in that area.”

Aramco’s IPO

“I believe late 2020, early 2021.”

On unemployment

“I believe the unemployment rate will start to decline from 2019 until we reach 7 percent in 2030 as targeted in the Vision.”

He also shed light on which areas the government will be continuing to hire in the coming years

“Of course, the Saudi Arabian government still needs to create a lot of jobs because of the needs in the country, in the army, in the security agencies, in education – especially education – and also in other sectors that are being newly created in sports and different areas. “

Rise of electric cars

“… We believe that the rise of electric cars will not harm oil especially for Saudi Arabia. Oil demand will continue raising until 2030 by above 1 percent, 1 to 1.5 percent, maybe more. And some believe that after 2030, it will decline. But we believe that the other side will be a lot of producers disappearing.”`

Tesla showrooms

“ In one or two years we will have Tesla showrooms in Saudi Arabia.”

On taxation

“There’s no new taxation till 2030 and we will do our best to boost the economy and to boost the development of the private sector and all the industries.”

The role of Islam in the country

Speaking on offering a good lifestyle in Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman said “We will try to do our best and I believe we have a good plan to reach that without moving from Saudi based laws and religion. The Islamic religion.”

He added “We believe the Islamic religion is the model and we believe extremists are trying to move it to the wrong side, but I believe we have achieved a lot in the past year compared to what’s been achieved in the previous 30 years. If you look at that speed, you’ll know it’s only a matter of time.”

The Yemen conflict

“We hope it will end as soon as possible. We don’t need that on our border. But of course we don’t need to have a new Hezbollah in the Arabian peninsula. This is a red line not only for Saudi Arabia but for the whole world. No one wants to have Hezbollah in a straight through which about 15 percent of the world trade goes through…

On Neom

“Under Neom, I believe there are more than 12 small cities or towns next to the sea and other six or seven, some of it in the valley, some in the mountains, towns, and one huge industrial zone, one huge port, three airports, one global big airport. So there are a lot of huge different projects in Neom. Neom is like a small country in a big country.”

He added “So the first town in an area we call the Neom Riviera will be there in 2020. Most employees will move there. I am pushing to have it in 2019, I don’t know if I will succeed in that.”

You can read the full transcript of the interview here.


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