Facial Recognition Technology Soon To Become A Norm Here In The UAE


With the UAE progressing to become the smartest country in the world, with state of the art technology and e-tools, it is no shocker whatsoever that facial recognition technology is soon to become the norm in the country.

The UAE cabinet approved the trial of facial recognition technology to verify personal data, earlier on Sunday, Feb 14, along with several other initiatives; such as the formation of a team to automate government work through remote applications.

The meeting was chaired by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai

Those present in the meeting further hailed the Hope Probe’s successful arrival to Mars (a historic milestone that marks the beginning of the coming 50 years), and also decided to restructure Etihad Rail’s board.

Scrapping documents all together, facial recognition tech will help provide services to the public at any time and place without the need for files, documents and other physical records

Other initiatives:

  1. The manual includes 8 basic topics:
    – Economic statistics
    – Social and demographic statistics
    – Education statistics
    – Employment statistics
    – Environment statistics
    – Buildings and housing units statistics
    – Administrative divisions of each emirate
  2. The Cabinet reviewed a study on the premarital screening for genetic diseases and ways to reduce the incidence of genetic diseases.
  3. The study is aimed at prevention of mental and physical disabilities and reducing mortality rate among children, as well as reducing the burden on the family.
  4. The study outlines the importance of premarital genetic test as a tool that can predict the risk of developing genetic diseases.
  5. A unified digital register of the UAE’s genetic diseases will be created, including the results of premarital examinations on recessive genetic diseases.
  6. A national laboratory specialising in the science of genetic testing will also be established.
  7. The Cabinet approved the restructure of the working group responsible for online communication and work automation, headed by Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Teleworking Applications.

Facial recognition technology will further assist in developing services provided by private and government sectors

Robot domination… here we comeee!

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